Bumble Bee

Fecha de publicación: 
Wed, 02/08/2000
Carles Reig & Raphael Zweifel

Song rescued of the year 2000 and not published. Carles Reig and Raphael Zweifel with Paula Sendim's collaboration to with his voice.

Bumble Bee, cançó creada el 02 d'agost de 2000.
Música: Nicolai Rimsky Korsakov, Raphael Zweifel & Carles Reig.
Lletres: Raphael Zweifel.
Violoncel: Raphael Zweifel.
Veus: Paula Sendim.
Cors: Raphael Zweifel.
Arranjaments i producció:Carles Reig & Raphael Zweifel.
Programació i Logic Audio: Carles Reig.

Bumble Bee

Come with me
You sweet bumble bee
Let’s fly to the beach
The sun is what I want to reach

Come on closer feel the heat
Suck your ice-cream and move to the beat

The sea, the sun
Is that what makes so much fun



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