Carles Reig

Musician, composer, arranger and record producer. Banda Sonora, lounge, Chill Out, Down tempo, ambient, ethnic, electronic and music for audiovisual productions.

Carles Reig was born in Barcelona. His interest in music came early, especially for contemporary and ethnic rhythms. Its beginnings date back to the symphonic rock band Taxman, where he started as a drummer. Then I am part of Fugitive and OBK, with which he participated for four years. In 1988 he co-founded his own group, "Terra." Terra aims to investigate in new music. Their first album is titled "Ekos de otra era" (1995), and he found a green, futuristic music discussed in depth, creating cosmic atmospheres, ethnic ... Then comes "Natura" (1997), his second and final Terra album with the group. "Nature" brings a more mature music, with some tracks sung in English by the singer-songwriter SiriSat.

Again we return to the initial interest: a defense of the earth and its elements: life, fire, water, air ... Images of forests and fairies ... Recover old myths and symbols of the cultures that formed the Mediterranean world in which Terra was created and developed: the Pied Piper of Hamelin, paradise lost and found again, the old myth of Atlantis, the fantasy world of magic and alchemy ...

In early 2003 the label opened Ohm Spirit Sound and desktop publishing with the reissue of the album "Natura" and throughout the years 2003 to 2004 produced three new albums in collaboration with his friend SiriSat, published his seal Ohm Spirit Sound.

Training as a self-taught, with teachers, courses and workshops: Solfege, rhythmic notation (Prof. Love), music theory, recorders (School Pompeu Fabra), battery (Prof. Angel Pereira), harmony (Prof. David Estapé) music production, technical fixes (David Estapé) and advanced computer music.

Experience Highlights:

  • Music video for the single " Ana Ubeda - Video campany Collbató PSC 2011. " May 6, 2011.
  • Music 'Soui caedere' and recording for the short film 'Point of no return' Carlos de Cozar. April 24, 2010.
  • Music recording and dubbing for the promo video "The future is teu (SEK)" per a l'escola Sant Estanislau Kostka - SEK Barcelona. January 24, 2010.
  • Music and sound for the Cocktail Spot for Pink Tower, released in cinemas in Barcelona. Performing Carlos de Cozar and music by Carles Reig. July 2009.
  • Topic 'Nadal' 'Christmas in the compilation of new music "Lost Frontier Sampler Christmas 2008." December 2008.
  • Music and sound of the film "Spellbound" by Carlos de Cozar. Sep 2008
  • Theme "Freedom" Taken from the album 'Mantra Chill Out' accompanying the annual report Ecovidrio 2007. August 2008
  • Management and coordination of the music of the exhibition opening and closing of EIAM 08. 20, 21 and June 22, 2008.
  • Musician, composer, arranger and producer of two albums and Heavenly Mantra Chill Out in collaboration with his friend SiriSat - Julia Claire and edited his seal Ohm Spirit Sound. October 2004
  • Musician, composer, arranger and producer Mysticproyect Celtic album (miscellaneous soundtracks, Celtic music, medieval and new music) with the contribution of the singer Natascha Hagen and edited his seal Ohm Spirit Sound. October 2004
  • Musician, composer, arranger and producer of the Terra group with several CD's and themes edited. 1995 to 2002.
  • Music presentation Mecedes Benz A (A Star Is Born) in the Tibidabo amusement park and three other areas of the province of Barcelona. 16 Sep 2004.
  • Pre-Productions (DTP) group LUT The Last Temptation (2002) singer-songwriter and artist Javier Puig (first album "Maybe Tomorrow" 14/03/2004. UNIVERSAL MUSIC Spain)
  • Production, arrangements, composition and music spots such as Mercedes Benz, Camy (Nestlé), Pikolín, Anuntis (Madrid), ATM (Autoritat Transports Metropolitans), Pans & Company, Banco Herrero, Pinaud, etc.
  • Creating and producing music for audiovisual productions (TV, video, film, radio, web and multimedia).
  • Composition and arrangements of music from the movie "Caught." April 1994
  • OBK, 93-94 Battery Tour "Moments of Faith" and in the 95-96 tour "Trilogy."
  • FUGITIVE, battery (with two LPs and two singles in the market)
  • Taxman, battery (Symphonic Rock)