Point of no return

Short film "Point of no return" Carles Reig's Music

Directed and produced by Carlos de Cozar
- Written by Blanca Bardagil
- Carles Reig's music
- Christopher Franco: Photography - Op. chamber
- Yasmina Ramirez: Asist. chamber
- Jordi Sanchez: Sound
- Bruno Cerfoglio: Sound
- Alba Anguela: Makeup
- Iria Quiñoy: Makeup
- Yaiza Cladellas: Making of

- Hugo Torras: Sergio (protagonist)
- Núria Sas: Teacher of languages
- Javier Almeda: Father of Sergio
- Alba Ferrara: Mother of Sergio
- Vicky Luengo: Librarian
- Fon Blacksmith: Teacher of sciences
- Pere Roig: Grandfather of Sergio
- Elena Cruz: Friend of the teacher
- Pep Martínez: social 'Etólogo'
- Miquel Bordoy: The Director of the college
- Pere Molina: Voice in off
- Julia Claire: Translation to the Englishman

Scene Bar: Fragment of the Topic (instrumental) Healing extracted from the album ' Mantra Chill Out ' (p) Ohm Spirit Sound
Julia Claire's voice i production and Carles Reig's arrangements
© Julia Claire Dascombe y Carles Reig